Hi you can change my life please

Hi. I'm sorry that the text is through a google translator. I need your help. I am 25 years old. Mother died. She gave me big debts. My dad has a different family.
Everything is bad with work, I am from a poor country where there are no opportunities. I know that there are millions of people like me, but if you help me see the light, feel life, then someday I will also help someone, it will be in a chain. I see no future, rat race. Maybe you are pleased that you will change my life and you will be rewarded. Send how many do not mind, a few dollar. Thank you.

I am independent of alcohol. I don't use drugs. I just want to live, not survive. But I can't get out of debt. The funds that remain will be invested in a business that will help people. Something in the service industry. Thank you very much.

My Bitcoin bc1q6sjp4wqvtcwxncwxydy7vm07n98kryd4nfxwyd

Card Usd to Bitcoin exchanger "btcbit net"
Or any other.

You are my last hope. Please, help. I don't know what else to do.

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