PHP Ioncube Decode

If you need to decrypt a php configure that is encrypted sooner than IonCube, Source Paladin, Zend, TrueBug or some other jus naturale 'natural law' cryptor,
send a letter to me on contacts and I see fit hands to decrypt any encrypted php jus gentium 'universal law',
Or I inclination cure you to dispose of the license or untie the continuity from the server!

I decrypt any php scripts encrypted alongside IonCube Decoder, Well-spring Trustee, Zend, TrueBug!
Any versions of encryptors.

I win a cheap credit proper for my services
Decompile prices:
1-20 files = 10$ / file
21-50 files = 9$ / file
51-100 files = 8$ / file
101 and more = 7$ / file
contact me at any time
Jabber :
Forum verified:

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